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University of Redlands

Summary of Experience

UR Summary: About

Manager and Leader.

Direct all facets of the 7,500 square foot campus fitness center including:  

  • Planning, scheduling, and organization of events.

  • Budget oversight of approximately $130,000.

  • Membership of approximately 2500 students, employees, and community members.

  • Maintenance of building and equipment.

  • Purchasing of equipment and supplies.  

  • Drafting and implementation of facility policies and procedures.

  • Personnel decisions, onboarding, development, and oversight of 20-25 employees annually.

Direct the rebuild and redesign of the outdoor varsity weight room known as “The Bone Yard”.

  • Direct project funding through the sale of tangible fixed assets and campaign funding.

  • Direct all purchasing of equipment and subsequent facility design and layout to meet all standards set by the NSCA as well as federal, state, and local laws.

Train and oversee 4-8 undergraduate student-interns annually.

  • Coaches from this group have gone on to receive full-time positions with the San Francisco 49ers, San Jose State University, KU Performance, the University of Redlands, Yucaipa High School, and Brawley Union High School.

Broker and implement a sponsorship agreement with the company Muscle Milk (Cytosport).

Work directly with 20-25 sports coaches in the recruitment and retention of over 500 incoming and current student-athletes annually.

UR Summary: About

Author and Presenter.

NSCA Strength and Conditioning Journal.

  • Exercise Technique: Coaching Considerations for Tire Flip

Present 1-2 times annually to University of Redlands coaches, administration, and staff on matters relative to athletic performance.

UR Summary: About

Coach and Educator.

Oversee the design and implementation of comprehensive strength and conditioning programs for 21 NCAA Division III varsity sports which includes approximately 550 student-athletes. 

Conduct onboarding, evaluation, needs assessment, program design and implementation, and review of skill acquisition and performance characteristics of the student-athlete population.

Work collaboratively with the sports medicine staff in the rehabilitative and reconditioning process of injured athletes.​

Conceptualize, design, and deliver education on various topics relative to athletic performance, health and wellness, and life skills to student-athletes, coaches, and athletic department administration. Activities include:

  • Presentations.

  • Round table discussion.

  • Literature review.

  • Review and reflection.

  • Simulation.

Conceptualize, design, deliver, and oversee an undergraduate internship. Including:

  • Curriculum development for practical/applied coursework.

  • Curriculum development, proposal, and instruction for the pedagogical course Fundamentals of Strength Training and Conditioning

  • Execution of coaching/teaching skills. 

  • Review and evaluation of the real-world application. 

Conceptualize, design, and instruct the first-year seminar entitled It’s Your Choice: The Performance Lifestyle. In addition to the traditional course load (curriculum design, lesson planning, evaluation, etc.),  responsibilities that accompany first-year seminar instruction include: 

  • Acclimation and retention of 20 collegiate freshmen.

  • Serve as the students' academic advisor. 

  • Instruction of essential life and academic skill, student life integration, and academic course load.

Serve as an adjunct faculty member. Courses taught include:  

  • Personalized Fitness

  • Weight Training.  

Fitness Equipment On a Wood Floor
UR Summary: About
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