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Summary of Experience

USSA Summary: About

Manager and Leader.

Medical and Performance Partner Educator to U.S. Ski & Snowboard team partners on matters relative to high-performance. Topics include:  

  • High-Performance Culture, Philosophy, and Systems

  • High-Performance Integrated Care Practice

  • Quality Coaching Framework and Coaching Science 

  • Science of Motor-Skill Acquisition

  • Return to Sport Framework: ACL Reconstruction

  • Athlete Development and Rehabilitative Session Design and Methodologies

  • Athlete Evaluation: Using Applied Sport Science

  • Sport Demands of Skiing in Moguls (Author and Presenter)

Conceptualize, design, and implement data collection and analysis methods for athlete evaluation relative to motor skill acquisition and sports performance.

Serve on the following working groups within U.S. Ski & Snowboard High-Performance:

  • Internships 

  • Sleep and Performance

  • Facilities Management

  • Hiring and On-Boarding

Instruct and mentor 3-5 post-graduate interns annually on topics relevant to high-performance and leadership.

USSA Summary: About

Author and Presenter.

Research, draft, revise, edit, and internally publish the Freestyle Moguls Sports Demand Analysis; a 100-page book that summarizes original research and current literature on the sport, its demands, and nuances.

Research, draft, revise, edit, and internally publish the Freestyle Moguls Athletic Development Statement; a short book that summarizes original research, current literature, and anecdotal information on the process of preparing freestyle moguls athletes for World Cup, World Ski Championship, and Olympic competition. 

Coauthored a 58-page Sports Performance: Request For Information (RFI) submitted to U.S. Ski & Snowboard medical partner Intermountain Healthcare in 2020. 

Coauthored staff onboarding manuals for multiple positions within the high-performance department, including strength and conditioning staff, sports medicine staff, and internship positions. 

Coauthor of Body Size and Composition of U.S. National Team Skiers and Snowboarders. Published in the Journal of Sports Research, June 2021. 

Conceptualized and coauthored a proposal for a specialized diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) fellowship within the high-performance department. 

Present 2-5 times annually to U.S. Ski & Snowboard staff on various topics relative to high-performance.

Present 12-15 time annually to U.S. Ski & Snowboard medical and performance partners on topics relative to high-performance and integrated coaching/care practice.

USSA Summary: About

Coach and Educator.

Direct all facets of athletic development and performance for the U.S. Freestyle Mogul Team.

Work collaboratively with high-performance staff in the rehabilitative and reconditioning process of injured athletes, athlete screening and assessment, and wellness and performance management of moguls athletes.

Conceptualize, design, conduct, analyze, and interpret original research as it applies to the sport of mogul skiing. Research methodologies include:  

  • Noraxon Electromyography. 

  • Muscle oxygen saturation (NIRS).

  • Force Decks, Kistler, and Pasco force plates.

  • Noraxon myoMOTION biomechanical analysis.

  • Global Positioning Systems (GPS).

  • Pasco force accelerations sensor.

  • Polar heart rate.

  • Biosen and Lactate Pro blood lactate analysis.

  • ISAK Kinanthropometry.

Conceptualize, design, and deliver education on various topics relative to athletic performance, health and wellness, and life skills to athletes and sports coaches. Activities include:

  • Presentations.

  • Round table discussion.

  • Literature review.

  • Review and reflection.

  • Simulation.

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USSA Summary: About
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